The Church and Synagogue Library Association, CSLA, was founded in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, in 1967, by a group of Church Librarians who felt they could benefit by sharing ideas and problems. The idea spread and flourished throughout the years and grew to encompass almost every state of this country and several provinces in Canada with a membership of more than 1464 members, both individual and church memberships. More and more chapters were formed. Chapters and members thrive and grow through participation in annual national conferences, through an excellent journal (Congregational Libraries Today), and many CSLA publications covering library mechanics and creative ideas.

     The North Texas Chapter of CSLA was established in 1976 and bravely hosted a national conference in Dallas at Southern Methodist University (SMU) its first year. This was favorably received and attended.

     Chapter programs vary. Some are how to workshops, others may be book reviews, or perhaps a field trip to an area library or other points of interest. The opportunity to discuss problems and solutions that relate to Church/Synagogue Libraries is one of the real benefits of membership. Some of the members are professional librarians, but most are not. Nearly all are volunteers.